Softly Spoken – CD and Book Bundle


A collection of original solo piano works written by Phamie Gow. This bundle contains the CD and Book.


CD Tracklisting

1. Peace Song
2. London
3. War Song
4. Rhapsody In Red
5. Purple Ribbon
6. Venere, dea dell’amore (Venus Goddess of Love)
7. Annandale
8. Rackwick Bay
9. Touch Of Tenderness
10. Nocturnal Butterfly Suite – Part 1: Larva
11. Nocturnal Butterfly Suite – Part 2: Chrysalis
12. Nocturnal Butterfly Suite – Part 3: Love Dance

Book Tracklisting:

Touch of Tendeness
Venus, God of Love (Venere Dea Del ‘Amore)
Rhapsody in Red
Purple Ribbon
Swan Song
Farewell David

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