La Vida Buena – The Good Life

Release Date: July 2008 Number of Discs: 1 La Vida Buena/The Good Life – A modern harp cd recorded on an electric harp featuring some of Phamie’s famous harp compositions including ‘Dancing Hands’. Recorded in Barcelona. We currently do have copies of the CD to sell, however, it is available on iTunes



  1. La Vida Buena (The Good Life)
  2. Tripping; Gitano (Gypsy)
  3. Voz De La Luna (Voice Of The Moon)
  4. Dancing Hands
  5. Motorbike Blues
  6. Las Campanadas (Bells)
  7. Travelling
  8. L’havre De Caroline (Caroline’s Heaven)
  9. El Delfin (The Dolphin)
  10. Arabian Dance
  11. Cats Cradle Lullaby

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