Phamie releases new single Bu Tusa An Gaol Friday (You Were The Love on My Mind) 26th of July

James Graham is the featured singer on Phamie’s new single, Bu Tusa an Gaol (You Were The Love on My Mind), released 26 Jul 2019. Composed by Phamie, with lyrics by the great Gaelic poet Aonghas MacNeacail, it is an exquisitely poignant song, with Phamie on piano and backing vocals, and cello by Seylan Baxter.
Phamie: I see this song as a love song for the land. I feel it is perfect timing to release this with all the climate change going on. It makes it even more heartbreaking to know that the change is speeding up, especially in nature, and everything is changing quicker than normal, and not necessarily for the better 
Aonghas MacNeacail: the land can be seen as a living entity, it does, in our time, need all the loving care we can give it
Press Release – Phamie Gow and Phriends – Ed Fringe 19 (1)