NEW single: ‘I’m Still Waiting’ in memory of 9/11

A song written 2 days after 9/11

Wildfire records and Publishing

Released on all digital platforms

Only 2 days after the horrific 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 Phamie wrote this song ‘I’m Still Waiting’ taken from the perspective of a loved one left behind waiting for a call from their loved one, which tragically will never happen again.

20 years later, we unite our hearts and remember all of those affected forevermore.

I’m Still Waiting Lyrics:

One day’s enough,
To break your heart in two World floods in tears,

As we say goodbye to you

But I’m still waiting for the phone to say,
‘I’ll be home’,
Hating all the evil that is done, This just proves that the world can unite in such tragedy,
Pain, grief and sorrow.

We won’t forget,
The good times, and the bad Your’re out of reach,
Though we need to say ‘goodbye’


Desert dry eyes,
Fills with salt, you shed a tear Drowned in emotion,
Though we need to say ‘Good bye’