A Moment of Time with Phamie

As a response to the current situation we find ourselves in globally, Phamie is offering herself daily by sharing her creations via Facebook LIVE through her ‘A moment of time’ philosophy. The message given is to enhance your well being by enjoying listening to music live in that given moment with the awareness off real time, meaning, being in the moment! This can reduce stress and anxiety levels, and can enhance self regulating and healing. With a quiet mind, and a peaceful heart, more joy can arise which also encourages compassion and kindness which Phamie believes are aspects of human conduct that can be absorbed into us all as an ethical and responsible way of being. This may equip us to be able to handle times of crisis or stress, which we all go through one moment or not in our life times as part of being human. Phamie also believes music is a form of pure love and is a passport or vehicle into people’s hearts and some have even said that her music touches your soul. With all this in mind, now is the time when Phamie is available and receiving requests from her existing catalogue and will go LIVE at 7pm U.K GMT for sharing your daily requests. Catch her if you can!

Phamie is also offering house concerts Saturday night LIVE at 8.15pm GMT via FACEBOOK LIVE. Phamie is not a charity, though has charitable qualities, so we encourage that if you do join her LIVE at some point to either tell a friend, purchase a CD or Book of sheet music from the site (at present within the U.K only), or download her album from iTunes or Spotify or other digital platforms.

This said, she has set up a fundraising campaign entitled The Peace Farmer Project where you can also donate if you like to support the efforts of tree planting on the planet. Visit this link for more info on this:


Thank you and enjoy every moment of time!