Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit

Winged Spirit

Release Date: January 2001
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Wildfire



1. Winged Spirit – This is Phamie’s first solo cd that she recorded when she was only 19. Includes original compositions, and modern arrangements of traditional tunes for the celtic harp, Recorded in Scotland. Genre: celtic




  1. Cutty Sark / Loch Earn
  2. Trip to Ireland
  3. The land of Eternal Youth Jig (Tir nan Og Jig)
  4. Bliadhna an Losgaidh
  5. The Ewie wi’ the Crooked Horn (The Floggen Reel)
  6. Culloden
  7. Heelstergowdie
  8. Hard is my Fate (Nach Truagh mo Chàs)
  9. Japanese Water Garden
  10. Perthshire Volunteers (Gladstone/The Cairdin’ o’ it)
  11. African Ocean – Gold Coast
  12. Duncan Paisley of Westerlea
  13. Winged Spirit

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