Moments of Time


Moments of Time

Release Date: August 2007
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Wildfire



4. Moments of Time – Phamie’s first solo piano cd. A peaceful and melodic album throughout, suitable to relax too, or meditate too. Album features her famous ‘War Song’ which is regularly broadcasted on Classic FM and was chosen to be part of the Smooth Classics/The Ultimate Collection cd compilation (Universal). Recorded in Scotland. Genre: classical

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  1. Rackwick Bay
  2. Innocent railway
  3. Moments of time
  4. Un jour de Caroline
  5. War song
  6. Romance
  7. Making tracks
  8. Annandale
  9. A tune for Ronald
  10. Landscape
  11. The night fold
  12. Rememberance


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