LMO record The Edinburgh Suite with Phamie Gow

Phamie co-producing in The London Metropolis Studio
Phamie co-producing in The London Metropolis Studio

LMO recently completed recordings for The Edinburgh Suite – a new album from Scotland’s multi-talented performer and composer Phamie Gow.

Phamie is renowned for her ground breaking performances as harpist,singer,pianist,whistle player,accordianist and composer for film and TV and has toured extensively throughout the World. This collaboration with LMO is her first orchestral album in which she also features extensively as pianist.

The first session comprised 23 strings (6 first violins, 6 seconds, 5 violas, 4 celli and 2 double basses) which were led by David Juritz. A string quintet then recorded more tracks in a second session. A third session was convened with 6 brass (2 horns, 2 trumpets, tenor trombone and bass trombone) and the final session involved woodwind (flute, oboe and clarinet). Further overdubs were added by John Paricelli (acoustic and electric guitars) and Steve Mclaughlin (cymbals).


The sessions were conducted by Andy Brown and took place at Metropolis studios. Steve Mclaughlin engineered and co-produced the recordings with Phamie Gow.

Tim Hollier at Music Publishers Copyright Administration Services generously commissioned The Edinburgh Suite, which will be released later in 2011 and there are further plans for live performances.

Source: http://www.lmo.co.uk/lmo-record-the-edinburgh-suite-with-phamie-gow/