Traveller of the Waves release

The latest single by Phamie, releases on June 14th 2024.

At the bottom you could add the credits:

Recorded at The Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Produced by Phamie Gow

Piano, small harp, low D whistle, and vocals: Phamie Gow

Double Bass: Mario Caribe

In 2001 Ellen MacArthur, the retired yachtswoman came second place in the 2000– 2001 edition of the Vendée Globe, with a time of 94 days, 4 hours and 25 minutes, and was the world record for a single-handed, non-stop, monohull circumnavigation by a woman. This was the inspiration for the song

Traveller of the Waves by

Phamie Gow.

Soft words, spoken

Touches my soul,

The wind kiss,

Kind King,

Embraces you.

Angel’s, singing

Following you

Frozen, memories

A past life


Traveller of the waves,

Sends you far away from


Mist mantled mountains,

Lost boat on the sea