12th August. Closing Ceremony of the London Olympics 2012. LONDON

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Phamie has proudly been asked to perform at the Closing Ceremony for the London Olympics at ‘Scotland House’, Pall Mall, London on Sunday the 12th of August. The event is organised by Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Arguably, the biggest part of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics was the music. It was incredible to see so many iconic musicians turn up for the event and perform for their country and the world, and to be part of it is an honour. It’s worth highlighting some of the performances that took place here, especially for those who were unfortunate enough to not have seen the ceremonies yet, but who are curious about the best acts of the night.

1) The Medley

The opening ceremony featured a wonderful medley of different musical styles down the years, focused on London and what it has done for the many music fans around the world who have enjoyed the genres that were born in the city. Listen to the Sex Pistols during your youth? A bit of grime during some binguez; ? It was all featured, and happily received by the audience.

2) The Freddie Mercury hologram

There was a significant moment in which a hologram of Freddie Mercury was singing a call-and-answer piece with the audience. Although Queen did indeed perform afterwards with Jessie J on vocals, this first part had a considerable amount of gravitas to it, as the respect for Queen’s vocalist was echoed around the stadium, and many took part.

3) The Who

The Who were undoubtedly the highlight of both ceremonies for many people. Flawless, classy, and perfectly bringing the entire stadium together in the final musical moments of the Games, it was a wonderful sight to see all the previous musicians come on stage to sing their final number with them as everyone got into the party spirit.

Overall there were many talented and impressive acts, and their Olympic spirit was there for all to see. London surpassed itself in bringing so many people together, and its soundtrack was phenomenal. A great memory for so many.