The Infamous Brothers Davenport (run of 32 shows)

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This year has started off with a great and busy start. I’ve been busy writing the score for the wonderful theatre Vox Motus production of The Infamous Brothers Davenport. I’m now Musically Directing and part of the cast as a Victorian musician and were already well into the run of our 32 shows. Were currently playing The Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh, Scotland till the 11th of February, then on tour to Glasgow to the Citizens theatre, then up north to Eden Court in Inverness.
The musical score features the following instruments: piano, accordion, harp, banjo, mandolin, clarinet, harmonica, and soprano voice and I’ve designed it to have a Victorian/Americana feeling, fitting with the period the play is set in (1880’s) with influences of Hank Jones, Scott Joplin and his contemporaries.
Look forward to seeing you there! It’s a very entertaining show full of colour, imagination and creativity, illusion, and magical elements.
The show has received 4 stars from The Guardian, The Telegraph, The List and The Herald.