August Has Been A Wonderful Month

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August has been a wonderful month starting with the premier of an extract of The Edinburgh Suite ‘Sunrise’ which was performed in The Great Hall in Edinburgh Castle for the opening of this year’s Royal Military Tattoo. It was such an honour to play there with the Royal Regiment of Scotland, The Scots DG’s and The Apollo String Quartet. There is a video captured of that special moment on the site (in the video section).
I then flew appropriately at sunrise the next day to Naples, in Italy to perform with my 4 piece band from Montpellier, at a wonderful open air concert stage in Viggiano, which is 2 hours outside Naples. Viggiano is a fantastically stunning town surrounded by hugging mountains, blanketed by the stars, and there is much warmth given from the lovely Italian people. In the past it was the gathering town for all harpists from Italy and in fact I felt there was a very strong spiritual feeling there. Soon after feeling this, I discovered there was monastery on one of the hills near by where people used to gather for a spiritual practice in the past!
The concert was such a pleasure, thanks to my great musician friends Bastos (guitar), Sega (drums) and Dje (bass) and was lovely to receive a standing ovation. Such a joy!
I was also given 2 bottles of the most delicious organic wine by a fan as I signed peoples cds after the gig. And of course, made time to sample the Italian food which was simply sublime 🙂 It is quite amazing what you can do on no sleep and adrenalin!
Later in the month I discovered that Nick Clegg was given my 4th solo cd, Moments of Time (thanks to my friend John Barrett).
I have recently been asked to be an Ambassador for the amazing charity Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland (, which to be quite honest, is an honour, and if I can make a little bit of difference sharing my music to those that need some soothing moments, then it makes it even more worth while and very satisfying.
The month of September is very exciting as I have a photo shoot coming up for The Edinburgh Suite cd sleeve by these wonderful photographers: PLUS I am moving to NYC at the end of the month.
Ill write soon after to let you know how I get on.
Until then, take care wherever you are and receive a big cyber hug from me <3