Welcome to my new site!!

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Hello everyone!

Very happy to welcome you to my new site www.phamiegow.com

I have my own Phamie Gow radio where you can hear 2 tracks. 1 Peace Song (remixed with guest artist Franck Nicola playing his magnificent shell) taken from my latest album Road of the Loving Heart and 2. Edinburgh, which is the title track taken from The Edinburgh Suite (published by CAS) featuring The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, myself on piano and harp, and the London Metropolitan Orchestra (LMO) which was recorded at The Metropolis Studios in London. This cd will be released later in the year.

There is also my new video ‘Carousel’ that you can watch, and also download from i-tunes if you wish to have it on your own computer at home.

You can also buy tickets from the home page for my forth coming concert in London at The Bedford in June. Looking forward greatly  to seeing you at that gig!

In the meantime, enjoy the site, and my music.

Lots of love.

Phamie. <3